Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Some useful shortcut keys for windows

We often use the mouse to do many things on our pc or laptop. Using mouse is easy but some time slow in accessing some functions. So, we have some shortcut key for many functions that windows provides.
Here is the list :
ctrl + w Closes the current window
ctrl + e
ctrl + f
Reach to the search box (Windows 7)
ctrl + r Refresh
ctrl + n Opens new copy of same window
alt + p Toggle show file preview
alt + d Direct access to address bar
alt + tab Switch windows
alt + space Open command menu
window key + up arrow Maximizes window
window key + down arrow If window is maximized, restores it
else minimizes it
window key + left arrow Move window to left
window key + right arrow Move window to right
window key + e Opens explorer
window key + d Shows desktop
window key + f Open new search window
window key + l Switch user
window key + f Open new search window
window key + x Opens windows mobility center
window key + b reach to notification area
(right side on taskbar)
window key + m minimize current window
window key + tab Switch windows
ctrl + shift + esc Open task manager
ctrl + esc / Window key Open start menu
ctrl + shift + n New folder
windows + number key Open nth item from task bar
(Window+1 will open 1st item)

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