Monday, 2 November 2015

Resources to Learn SEO Online

The SEO is the always growing concept. So, you need to stay updated and always have to learn new concepts. No one can say that he/she is perfect in SEO because algorithms are being changed rapidly by Google and other Search Engines.

Why we follow Google? Because Google is the King in Search engine world.

What if you are new in SEO and want to learn SEO from basics?
Then question is, where to learn SEO? What are the good resources? There are lots of tutorials, eBooks, PPT and blogs available. You may get confused about what to read.

Here, I am going to provide some best resources by experts.

1. Google Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

It's a guide given by Google to webmaster to make their websites search engine friendly. It provides really helpful guidelines for beginners.

Here is the link to Google guide

2.   Moz Guide for Beginners

Moz is the another trusted blog in SEO. Moz's blogposts are always very useful to learn new concepts about SEO.

Here is the link of Moz Guide for beginners:

And also visit Moz Blog

3. Google Webmaster Central Blog

To stay updated with Google official updates, Visit Google's official blog for webmasters :

4. Other Good Blogs for SEOs

If you have any questions related SEO, then you can ask in Google Product Forum for webmasters. You will get a proper answer for your queries.

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