Sunday, 16 September 2012

How to play Nintendo games on your computer

Ever wondered how to play this old Nintendo games on your computer !!
Yes, you can play these games on your computer using emulators. An emulator is hardware or software or both that duplicates (or emulates) the functions of a first computer system (the guest) in a different second computer system (the host), so that the emulated behavior closely resembles the behavior of the real system. (Wikipedia)
So to play these old games you can use different emulator. One of them is jnes (links at bottom of this post).
Once you have downloaded jnes extract it and run the executable file. From file browsers nevigate to games folder emulator directory select super_mario_bros.nes file and the game will start. goto options->input and change the keyboard setting. If you want to play more games google for .nes file for your game. Not only Nintendo you can also use emulators for PSP, PS-II, PS-I, XBOX, etc.
Here are some links from where you can download .nes files :
Download Jnes

Click here

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