Saturday, 15 September 2012

Useful Run Commands

cmd : Used to open command prompt.
msconfig : Opens configuration windows. You can edit startup programs, boot configuration.
msinfo32 : Provides you full system information like hardware resources, system components and software environment.
regedit : Opens registry editor.
sysedit : Edit system configuration. (USE WITH CARE !!)
winver : Shows you windows version and other info.
compmgmt.msc : Opens Computer management window.
devmgmt.msc : Opens Device manager.
diskmgmt.msc : Disk management Tool.
dfrg.msc : Disk defragmenter tool.
fsmgmt.msc : Manage Shared folders.
gpedit.msc : Group policies editor.
lusrmgr.msc : Opens Local users and groups.
perfmon.msc : Opens Performance monitor.
secpol.msc : Opens Local security settings.
services.msc : Shows Services on machine.

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